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American Eagle Instruments wins the Pennwell RDH Reader’s Choice “Game Changer Award”

American Eagle Instruments logoMissoula, Mont., American Eagle Instruments, Inc. (AEI) recently received the Pennwell RDH Reader’s Choice “Game Changer Award.” This award is presented by RDH Magazine and is tabulated based on clinician votes. The “Game Changer Award” is defined as any product or service in the dental market that clinicians feel is making the biggest impact in their practice. The “Game Changer Award” names AEI’s XP® Technology as the product that is making the biggest difference for clinicians in the workplace in 2015.

XP Technology curettes and scalers are the only sharpen free instruments on the market today. This technology is a proprietary manufacturing process in which the metallurgical composition of the instrument’s surface is enhanced, giving it the properties of a much more durable material. This harder material allows AEI to manufacture thinner blades that last much longer than standard stainless steel instruments. The time-consuming and imperfect process of re-sharpening hand instruments is now a thing of the past!

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The RDH Reader’s Choice “Game Changer Award” is an excellent testament to how XP Technology sharpen-free instruments can positively affect the daily routine of today’s practicing clinicians. “XP Technology is definitely a game changer – I would never have imagined the possibility of sharpen-free instruments, never mind the quality of care I can now provide with consistently sharp blades and precise edges,” Karen Siebert, RDH, MA.

American Eagle Instruments, Inc. is the first company of its size to be named a “game changer.” AEI is incredibly proud that dental hygienists have honored XP Technology curettes and scalers with this prestigious award and they wish to thank every dental clinician who swears by these instruments and invites all clinicians to try XP today.

American Eagle Instruments is an American manufacturer of dental hand instruments celebrating 24 years of quality manufacturing in Missoula, Montana.  Each instrument is held to strict quality control standards during each stage of fabrication, providing the world’s most precise and long-lasting instruments. Learn more about American Eagle Instruments and XP Technology at www.am-eagle.com.

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