Avoid try-in troubles

You may not realize that during intraoral try-in, the interior surface of the restoration can be contaminated. If these surfaces are not properly cleaned there can be problems with adhesive cementation.

While glass ceramics can be cleaned with a phosphoric acid gel, zirconia and alloy restorations require a different cleaning protocol. A simple solution to this is Ivoclar Vivadent’s Ivoclean™, a universal cleaning paste that can be used on restorations fabricated from glass ceramics, zirconia, alumina, precious and non-precious alloys and composites.

Ivoclean is simply applied to the bonding surface for 20 seconds and then rinsed away. The surface is dried with air before seating.

Proper cleaning after try-in

The universal cleaning paste Ivoclean effectively cleans the bonding surfaces of prosthetic restorations after intraoral try-in and thus creates optimum pre-requisites for the adhesive luting procedure.


  • Effective cleaning
  • Universal – for all restorative materials
  • Easy-to-use application

Extraoral cleaning of pre-treated ceramic and metal restoration surfaces which have been contaminated during intraoral try-in.

For more information log onto http://www.ivoclarvivadent.us/en-us/all-products/products/luting-material/accessories/ivoclean.