Can High-Tech Stress Relief Make You Enjoy Going to the Dentist?

Barrie dentist features unique, all-natural calming system

Keep calm and drill on.

Patients are relaxed in the dental chair at the Barrie practice of Dr. Micheal Robinson.

Robinson is one of only two dentists out of 21,000 in Canada – including nearly 9,000 in Ontario – to feature NuCalm, a patented, high-tech stress relief system.

He says he knows the benefits of NuCalm first hand. He’s been using it at home for four years.

“It’s an unbelievable system to help relax a person. I personally use NuCalm every day,” said Robinson. “It’s like a quick way to meditate and everyone could stand with more of that. It’s a real organic way. It doesn’t involve any drugs or anything like that.”

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