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Canadian Dental Hygienists Association Launches Oral Health Website for the Public

June 17, 2015
by Canadian Dental Hygienists Association

 The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA) is thrilled to announce the launch of www.dentalhygienecanada.ca— a website containing a wealth of information for the general public about dental hygiene and oral health. The site features oral health facts and FAQs, information sheets and other resources, as well as a children’s educational area with lots of fun downloads. The centrepiece of the site is CDHA’s new “Find an Independent Dental Hygienist” search engine, allowing the public to locate independent dental hygiene service providers in their area.

“Oral health is an important component of overall health and well-being” explains Mandy Hayre, president of CDHA. While many of us think that the worst outcome of poor dental hygiene is tooth loss, research shows that poor oral hygiene can lead to periodontal disease, which is a risk factor for serious illnesses, such as diabetes, lung and heart diseases, and stroke. Dental hygienists, as primary health care providers, want to ensure that all Canadians have the resources that they need to develop and maintain good oral hygiene habits. “With the launch of dentalhygienecanada.ca,” Hayre notes, “timely, reliable, and easy-to-read information on oral health care is now at your fingertips. CDHA and its members across the country encourage you to visit the site today to protect your smile for tomorrow.”

Serving the profession since 1963, CDHA is the collective national voice of more than 26,800 registered dental hygienists working in Canada, directly representing 17,000 individual members including dental hygienists and students. Dental hygiene is the 6th largest registered health profession in Canada with professionals working in a variety of settings, including independent practice, with people of all ages, addressing issues related to oral health. For more information on oral health, visit: www.dentalhygienecanada.ca

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