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What Canadians Should Know About Dental Tourism

February 20, 2018
by CTV News

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people shun Canada’s icy winters for the sunny beaches of Mexico – and some of them put their vacation on pause for a quick stop at the dentist.

Others plot trips specifically for the purpose of avoiding a pricey dental procedure back home. But what are the risks when accessing treatment abroad?

Horror stories of dental work gone awry occasionally make headlines across Canada, but Dr. Valorie Crooks, a researcher with Simon Fraser University’s medical tourism group, said they don’t paint the full picture.

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  1. The laws of supply and demand are basic economic concepts and form the backbone of a market economy.

    In Canada and the United States there is approximately one dentist per 2000 population. In Mexico there is one to 650! Licensing, cartels, monopolies, trade unions and such can circumvent the laws of economics only temporarily.

    Ergo, dental tourism.

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