Carestream Dental Wins Tender from University of Toronto Dental School, Provides Students with Latest Intraoral Technology

Carestream Dental is pleased to announce it has won the tender to supply the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with state-of-the-art intraoral sensors and imaging plate systems. This arrangement allows Carestream Dental to provide dental students with the newest technology in the field in an effort to prepare them for their future careers.

The tender includes 62 of the latest RVG 6200 intraoral digital imaging systems and seven CS 7600 imaging plate systems to be supplied over three years, with 22 sensors and all seven plate systems to be installed in 2014.

The RVG 6200 sensor continues Carestream Dental’s legacy of durable, digital intraoral sensors. With 24 lp/mm true image resolution, this new system provides practitioners with highresolution images and offers an efficient three-step acquisition process: position, expose and view. Plus, students can optimize image contrast according to their needs or visual preference by using the endodontic, periodontic or dentin enamel junction pre-programmed filters.

The CS 7600 reinvents imaging plate technology —improving usability, productivity and security with an innovative and fully automated workflow. It features exclusive Scan & Go technology that uses Smart Plates to prevent plate mix-up and reduce operation time. With up to 17 line pairs/mm true resolution, the CS 7600 delivers images that are among the highest resolution available for confident diagnoses every time.

“We’re excited that dental students at the University of Toronto will train on the newest generation of intraoral sensors—the RVG 6200,” Matt Whiting, national sales manager, Carestream Dental, Canada, said. “Technology in the field is swiftly changing and having access to the latest advancements in dental equipment will give these students an edge as they graduate and go out into the field.”

This is not the first time that the Faculty of Dentistry, the oldest and largest dental school in Canada, has worked with Carestream Dental to provide its students with high-quality equipment. Students in the graduate endodontic program are currently using Carestream Dental’s RVG 6100 intraoral sensors, and the Faculty also treats patients in its oral and maxillofacial radiology clinic using an 8000 extraoral imaging system and a CS 9000 3D extraoral imaging system.“

Our previous experience with Carestream Dental has always been excellent,” Dr. Ernest Lam, head of oral and maxillofacial radiology, said. “We have felt the individuals to be very collaborative and helpful, and we appreciate that.”

The University awarded Carestream Dental the tender due to the company’s knowledge, skills and expertise in the field of intraoral digital X-ray imaging in dentistry; the expertise of Carestream Dental’s employees; the comprehensive training program offered; and the quality of the technology and its proven performance record.

In addition to the University of Toronto, Carestream Dental has equipment in almost all dental schools across Canada, including University of Manitoba; University of British Columbia; Dalhousie University; University of Western Ontario; University of Montreal; University of Saskatchewan; and University of Alberta.

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