Collaborative Practice TT holds first meeting

A key element of FDI Vision 2020 will take another step forward in December with the first meeting of the newly created FDI Task Team on Collaborative Practice (CPTT). The meeting, which takes place within the context of the ongoing implementation of FDI Vision 2020, will held in Geneva on 19 and 20 December.

This is the latest in a series of events on inter- and intra-professional collaboration (IPC). A workshop was held 19 to 21 June of this year to focus attention on successful models from around the world, both among oral health practitioners and between them and other health practitioners. Prior to that, in June 2012, FDI had chaired an IPC session at a workshop organized by the World Health Professions Alliance WHPA1 .

IPC models
At this stage, the aim is not to make any recommendations or set guidelines. Rather, the meeting will seek to develop and agree on a definition of collaborative practice.

In addition, it will take a close look at a number of interesting models inter- and intra-professional collaboration and education within the oral health delivery system. This should allow the Task Team to identify key factors supporting or blocking collaborative practice.

It should also allow CPTT to:

  • ascertain what can be learned from each model and how each contributes to the improvement of oral health according to the evaluation of criteria such as access to services, equity, quality, efficiency and productivity, cost of care, patient safety/satisfaction; and
  • reinforce the role and position of dentists within the dental team and other health professionals.

Huge opportunity
“The CPTT meeting is a huge opportunity to get to grips with the question of collaborative practice (CP) and interprofessional education (IPE). There is no doubt that the dental profession at all times and circumstances works in the best interests of the patient: thus analysis of health system and education models is of its genuine concern,” said CPTT co-Chair and FDI Councillor Prof Nermin Yamalik.

“During this meeting, we will start exploring the drivers and inhibitors of CP in different settings. We are looking forward to a time when the disadvantages/negative consequences of fragmented education and health systems may be overcome.”

Added co-Chair Dr. Ward van Dijk: “IPC is becoming increasingly the norm in (oral) health services around the world but we have to focus on what is working, what isn’t working, and why. It’s all about achieving the best outcomes for patients and, at a time of stressed government budget and laws, for reining in health care costs.”

The CPTT is chaired by Dr. Ward van Dijk (Netherlands), Chair of FDI Dental Practice Committee) and Prof Nermin Yamalik (Turkey), FDI Councillor and Chair of the former FDI Oral Health Workforce Task Team). Other participants include: Erica Wheeler, Technical Officer, Human Resources for Health, Department of Health Systems Policies and Workforce, World Health Organization; Prof. Prathip Phantumvanit (Thailand), Vice-Chair of FDI Public Health Committee; Dr Carlos Madrid (Switzerland); Dr Paul Brocklehurst (United Kingdom), Senior Clinical Lecturer, NIHR Clinician Scientist & Honorary Consultant in Dental Public Health, School of Dentistry, University of Manchester; Dr Alexander Tolmeijer (Netherlands), Dutch Dental Association; Ms. Rosalyn Davies (United Kingdom), Dental Programme Manager 1000 Lives Improvement Service, Public Health Wales; and Dr Téa Collins, FDI consultant.

1WHPA brings together dentists (FDI), physicians (World Medical Association), nurses (International Council of Nurses), pharmacists (International Pharmaceutical Federation) and physical therapists (World Confederation for Physical Therapy).

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