Comprehensive Dental Helps Patients Smile With Confidence With Veneers

Charlottesville VA dentist aims to give patients their confidence back with dental veneers and other cosmetic services.

Unfortunately not everyone is born with a perfect set of pearly whites. In fact, it’s estimated that 75 percent of Americans need orthodontics and other cosmetic tooth improvements to achieve the “perfect” smile that many people want.

Dr. George Tisdelle, D.D.S. of Comprehensive Dental often recommends veneers for his patients who have insecurities about the looks of their smiles at his Charlottesville VA dentist practice. Psychologists and experts have found that a person’s level of confidence is often related to the appearance of his teeth. This is because the appearance of the teeth affects a person’s willingness to smile and to talk freely in social settings.

A 2012 study by marketing research company Kelton gathered evidence that people who have nice looking teeth are considered to be happier, healthier and even more intelligent than those who have cosmetic dental issues. Close to a third of respondents said that the first thing they look at on a person’s face is their teeth. Many people can relate to this experience when talking to someone in a social setting — the eyes tend to be drawn to the mouth since that is where words are coming from.

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