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Continuing Dental Education Improves Dental Offices And Services

August 6, 2014
by Dental PR News

Recognized as a leader in Dental Sleep Medicine and TMD in Atlanta, GA, Dr. Mayoor Patel emphasizes the importance of continuing education for dentists and their team members. As a dentist, it is important to remain on the cutting edge of dental advancements through continuing education courses and lectures. This is the same for a dentist’s staff because education covers all areas of dentistry-from the receptionist to the hygienist and dentist.

The pursuit of lifelong learning-whether to enrich lives, follow a new dream, or simply challenge themselves-through ongoing training in dentistry is more important than ever before. Dental continuing education is essential for anyone working within the dental field, and not just for the two areas of Dental Sleep Medicine and TMD. Advancements in the dental field come at a rapid-fire pace, which raises the importance of staying abreast of the latest research, tools and treatment methods.

“As we all know, each state requires a certain number of dental continuing education courses each year. However, on top of that, if a dentist wants to specialize in Dental Sleep Medicine and TMD within their practice, the importance of dental continuing education grows. Whether a dentist attends lectures, online courses or other forms of continuing education, the end result is a more knowledgeable dentist and improved dental services and their dental office,” said Dr. Mayoor Patel.

With continuing dental education, dentists can continue to improve their knowledge of various specialties while improving their dental office for superior dental care. For up-to-date information on lectures, continuing education and other information on dental sleep medicine, TMD and craniofacial pain, Dr. Mayoor Patel invites dentists to join his mailing list by visiting http://www.mpateldds.com/mailing-list.html.

About Mayoor Patel, DDS, MS has taken well over 1500 hours of postgraduate education courses in the area of Sleep Medicine, Craniofacial Pain, Sleep Disorders and Orthodontics. Since 2003, Dr. Patel has limited his practice to the treatment of TMJ Disorders, Headaches, Facial Pain, Sleep Apnea and Snoring.

For more visit: http://www.dentalprnews.com/medical_dental_articles/2014/08/continuing-dental-education-improves-dental-offices-and-services-390945.htm.

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