DEKA Laser Technologies, Inc. to expand distribution channel with the TASC Group Corporation

TASC Group Corporation, the leading laser education provider and distributor in Canada announced today they will expand their laser portfolio with DEKA Laser Technologies, Inc.

The UltraSpeed CO2 laser which uses proprietary technology to generate an effective soft tissue instrument provides less discomfort to the patient.  This technology also enables the clinician to have greater control, visibility and speed in soft tissue surgery.  The UltraSpeed CO2 laser allows for superior accuracy with virtually no bleeding along with greater patient comfort during healing in post-op experience because of the dramatic reduction of swelling.  

“Since 1997, TASC Group Corporation has specialized in providing dentists with high quality surgical lasers and continuing education with outstanding customer service”, said Gordon Willox, president of TASC Group Corporation.  “One of our greatest strengths and unique characteristics is vendor independence.  With the freedom to form strategic partnerships with the true technology leaders, like DEKA Laser Technologies, Inc., TASC is able to offer the best technical solution available from multiple manufacturers.  With this ability to select different platforms from different vendors, synergies are maximized and our clients truly realize the highest possible return on investment.  Value is the key. The ability to differentiate and customize our offerings strengthens our position to dentists.”

With both companies having a strong focus in continuing education, the combined synergies will help dentists understand the importance of choosing the optimal wavelength for optimizing the patient experience and advancing the level of care.

Tom Stratton, President and CEO of DEKA, stated that “we at DEKA are extremely excited to partner with the TASC Group in Canada. In our continued major expansion of DEKA’s education and distribution channels, the ability to partner with a group that shares our same values of delivering better dentistry, ongoing education support, practice-building programs and world-class technology is a key to fulfilling the commitments we’ve made to the dental community.” Stratton added that “With the position we’re in as the fastest growing dental surgical laser company it’s imperative that we align ourselves with winners. The TASC Group has a long history of winning in the Canadian dental market. This partnership insures that dental professional throughout North America will continue to receive the best support in the industry.”

About DEKA Laser Technology DEKA Laser Technologies, Inc. is a subsidiary of the El.En. Group, the world’s largest laser company.  El.En. is a high-tech industrial group operating in the opto-electronics sector, that exploits its own technology and multidisciplinary know-how to produce laser sources (gas, semiconductor, solid and liquid state) and innovative laser systems for medical and industrial applications.  The El.En. Group has technologies that serve the medical, dermatology, cosmetic and veterinary markets along with dentistry.  DEKA is committed to providing dentists the products, programs and support to help you grow the dental practice and create a unique patient experience.

About TASC Group The TASC Group Corporation is a global leader in the development and support of innovative ‘state of the art’ light based solutions for the medical and dental industry.  Our leadership position can be attributed in part to an adherence to core principles; integrity, clinical excellence, trust, technology leadership, honesty, customer satisfaction, credible education and vendor independence. Bundled with an unwavering commitment to support, education and continuous improvement initiatives these core principles form the foundation of our principle centered customer focused teams.