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Dental Clinic Temporary Closure & Reopening Instructions

April 17, 2020
by Dental EZ

Dental Clinic Temporary Closure Instructions

If you have already shutdown the clinic in the last 14 days, you may still do these steps to properly shut down the clinic for a longer term.

Utility Room:

  • If you have a Ramvac dry vacuum, before shutting down the dental clinic, flush all the vacuum lines with hot water, about a quart per chair. Follow with 4 oz to 8 oz Slugbuster line cleaner.
  • Slugbuster instructions for use.
  • After the last chair is flushed, let the vacuum system run for several minutes with an HVE open in the clinic. This will help clean out the vacuum lines and the trunk line. At this point the vacuum unit can be shut down.
  • If you have a Badger dry vacuum, make sure the Badger runs its full 10 minute dry cycle.
  • Badger instructions for use.
  • If the clinic has a wet ring pump the lines should be flushed. The solids collector bowl at the pump intake should be cleaned. Turn off the water supply to the pump to prevent possible flooding.
  • Ramvac wet ring pump instructions for use
  • Ramvac air compressors are oil-less and will be fine to shut down for an extended amount of time.
  • For clinics with the OWL Touch using the Schedule Mode they will need to set the OWL Touch to MASTER SHUTDOWN Mode.
  • It is acceptable to turn off the high voltage to the utility room if you choose.

Delivery systems:

Star Handpieces:

  • Clean the handpieces with isopropyl alcohol, then sterilize the handpieces.
  • Clean the auto-chuck mechanism with Junk-Out to eliminate debris that forms inside the mechanism of high speed handpieces from everyday use and sterilization.
  • After sterilization make sure the handpiece is completely dry. If there is moisture in the bags or in the sterilizer there is moisture in the handpiece.
  • It is recommended to increase the dry time to insure dryness. If this is not possible, load fewer handpieces into the sterilizer per cycle.
  • Keep the handpiece clean, dry and cool (Room temp)

Sterilization Instructions:
Do not exceed 135° C

  • Gravity Type Autoclave:
    • Minimum of 15 minutes at 132° C
    • Minimum of 30 minutes at 121° C
  • Pre-Vacuum Autoclave:
    • Minimum of 4 minutes at 132° C

Dental Clinic Re-Opening Instructions


  • If the clinic has a Ramvac Bulldog or Ramvac Bison vacuum pump, the pump may need to be purged when the clinic is started back up. When the vacuum sits for an extended time the pump can collect extra oil and will sound loud. This may or may not be needed.
  • Bulldog Instructions for use
  • Bison Instructions for use

Delivery Systems:

For more information from Dental EZ related to the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit https://dentalez.com/covid-19/

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