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Dental Fix Announces First Dentist-Owned Franchise

April 14, 2015
by Dental Fix

National mobile dental repair franchise, assists dentists and dental professionals in expanding business opportunities with new revenue streams

Dental Fix RX, a national mobile dental equipment repair company, has announced the launch of its first dentist-owned mobile repair center. Owned by Dr. Brett Mangum of Mangum Dental in Prescott, Arizona, the state-of-the-art van will supply dentist offices in the area with prompt, on-site equipment service, repair and replacements. Mangum’s franchise marks the first Dental Fix opened by a practicing dentist, and the second opened by a dental professional.

Mangum’s franchise was awarded in March of this year, while office manager of Lenox Village Dentistry in Nashville, Brett Peaks, launched his Dental Fix operation late last year. As dental professionals looking to invest in ownership opportunities, Mangum and Peaks turned to Dental Fix to fill a niche market in their respective areas.

“It was an opportunity that made perfect sense for me as a dentist,” said Mangum. “Before owning a Dental Fix franchise, I would have to send my tools and equipment offsite to be repaired or replaced. This inconvenience impacts all dental practices, and Dental Fix was the solution to ensure we can all operate efficiently and serve more patients.”

As a $38 billion dollar industry, fixing dental equipment is a costly, but necessary, operating expense for dentists nationwide. Dentists and dental office managers alike see the impacts of maintenance needs on overall profits, making Dental Fix an attractive solution to the challenges facing their practices. Dental Fix trained technicians operate out of state of the art mobile repair centers, and deliver efficient on-site service and replacements for all types of dental equipment, usually available within 24 hours.

“The Dental Fix franchise model is designed to be accessible to a wide variety of individuals, and our dedication to the dental industry makes ownership an ideal method for dentists to expand their business opportunities,” said Scott Mortier, vice president of business development for Dental Fix RX. “By investing in a franchise, they can continue to provide outstanding dental work to patients while reaping the rewards of convenient business ownership.”

Currently the only on-site dental equipment repair franchise in North America, Dental Fix offers customers customized service that produces high-quality repairs in a short amount of time. It now provides regular service to more than 10,000 dentist offices across the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and is committed to the repair, service, and maintenance of all types of dental equipment.

To find out more about Dental Fix RX, visit http://www.dentalfixrx.com/franchise/.

About Dental Fix
Founded in 2009, Dental Fix combines centralized technological and account management services with a unique national network of locally owned and operated industry professionals. Each professional is equipped with “state of the art” mobile service centers. They deliver on-site personalized service for all of your practice’s repair and new equipment needs. For more information, call 800-586-0340 or visit www.dentalfixrx.com.

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