Dental Hygienists Celebrate 50 Years of Contributing to Your Oral Health

Taking good care of your teeth and gums does more than just ensure you have a bright smile. A growing body of research shows that oral health and overall health are closely linked. Unchecked plaque on your teeth can result in gingivitis, periodontal disease and tooth decay. Studies suggest that periodontal disease is a risk factor contributing to lung and heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

April is Oral Health Month, and an important part of this celebration is National Dental Hygienists Week™, April 7–13, sending the message that oral health is vital for overall health. This event is sponsored by the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA), the national organization representing the collective voice of more than 24,000 dental hygienists in Canada.

Dental hygiene is the sixth largest registered health profession in Canada. Dental hygienists are trained professionals who work in a variety of settings, including independent practice, with people of all ages, helping them address issues related to oral health. Whether settling a toddler having their first cleaning or providing care to an adult with periodontal disease, the dental hygienist’s goal is to help people learn and practise good oral hygiene, and build the foundation for a healthy, happy smile for life.

2013 is a milestone year for dental hygienists in Canada as we celebrate 100 years of the founding of the dental hygiene profession and 50 years of our national association CDHA. Celebrate with us by resolving to make good oral hygiene a regular priority in your daily life. Achieve better oral health by following these six simple steps: brush, floss, use an oral rinse, eat a healthy diet, eliminate tobacco use and see a dental hygienist regularly.

Watch for oral health promotions and events in your community throughout the month of April.

For more information about your oral health, talk to your dental hygienist or visit