Dental Imaging Technology from Kodak Helps Provide Patient Care for 2006 Winter Olympics

KODAK Systems will help doctors and dentists diagnose injuries and provide enhanced patient care for the athletes competing in the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Torino.

Dental imaging and information systems from Kodak’s Health Group have been provided to assist dental staff at the three state-of-the-art Olympic polyclinics–in Torino, Bardonecchia and Sestriere, Italy–to treat craniofacial-dental injuries as well as provide standard dental care and treatment for participating athletes. A staff of 16 dentists and 12 assistants will use Kodak digital imaging equipment and film for intraoral and extraoral dental exams in the polyclinics, the primary source of dental care for athletes from all over the world.

“Kodak is honored to supply the polyclinics with quality dental imaging systems to assist with treatment and diagnosis of dental-related injuries”, said Rich Hirschland, general manager dental systems and V.P. of Kodak’s dental systems group. “These advanced solutions can streamline processes, improve patient and provider communication and enhance the level of care provided to Olympic athletes.”

The polyclinics will use a variety of Kodak products, including Kodak RVG 6000 Digital Radiography Systems, Kodak INSIGHT Intraoral Dental Film, Kodak 2000 Intraoral X-Ray Systems, Kodak 1000 Intraoral Video Cameras and Kodak 8000 Digital Panoramic Systems. All dental images will be stored on a Kodak PACS System and shared with radiologists and other specialists in case of heavy facial trauma.
Kodak’s on-site dental imaging systems will be powered by Kodak Dental Imaging Software in a DICOM environment which enables remote diagnosis and medical image sharing with off-site or remote hospitals.

When the Games conclude, the equipment will remain in Italy and will be transferred to local healthcare organizations.