Dental Marketing and Advertising Key for Solo Practitioners

Dental Marketing and Advertising Still Vital for Solo Dentist Practitioners 


Haliburton, Ontario (MarketWire) February 16, 2010 – Many solo dentist practitioners may think they don’t need dental advertising because their practice is making consistent revenue or because now is not the time to be spending money on marketing, but print communication is still vital for these dentists, says Patient News Publishing, a leading dental marketing company.


In the down economy many dentists believe they are still doing well if their practice’s revenue remains consistent, however the costs of doing business, lab fees, and the cost of living have all increased year over year. If top line revenue is remaining consistent, then profits are actually dwindling, and if this continues, they are just working themselves out of business.


“A dentist may have a vision for their practice, their revenue, or their retirement, but instead of investing for the future, they are being extremely cautious right now, re-thinking every dollar spent, and some are choosing to save marketing dollars instead of ensuring that their advertising message is positioned for success,” said Karen Galley, President of Patient News Publishing. “It may be hard to find a place in your budget for marketing, but we know that printed dental advertising is effective, and the benefits will far outweigh the initial investment.”


While a patient may want to enhance their smile or have orthodontic treatment, these expenses fall into discretionary spending, and dentists have to fight against vacations, big household purchases, etc. for business. Continued communication and patient education through dental newsletters demonstrates the benefits of treatment, so that patients become comfortable and begin to desire the treatment.


Patient News Publishing’s premium dental newsletters educate patients on new procedures, strengthen relationships, increase referrals, increase brand awareness, and improve satisfaction and loyalty.  


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