Dentaltrade meets European Parliament members

For the third time took place under the moderation of ADDE a joint meeting with the European dental suppliers and European parliament members (MEPs), in Brussels. Speakers revealed the development of the European Dental market with highly interesting figures, but mentioned the particular concerns of the European Dental industry and trade notably with regards to the European legislation.

At a business meeting organized by the Association of Dental Dealers in Europe (ADDE) during a recent European Parliament session European Parliament members (MEPs) were told of the economic role and current activities in the Dental sector. Delegates from ADDE and FIDE revealed concerns such as the forthcoming Medical Device Directives recast, the regulation of dental radiology equipment and its use in dental offices, the challenges of Nanotechnology and more. Dr. Paul Rübig MEP: “The dental care is an essential condition for eating and digesting, thus for health in general. The European legislator is probably not fully aware of the importance of the dental supplying branch.” He agreed that the number of regulations for SMES is definitely too high; therefore a dialogue between politicians and the concerned branch-leadership is desired and useful. “We are prepared to examine seriously the well documented problems of the dental branch regarding radiology regulations, medical directives and other concerns.”

Delegates from the European dentists’ association and the dental laboratories took part as well at this meeting.

ADDE is the European umbrella organisation of 15 national dental trade federations (

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