Dentistry Canada Fund Website Update

Progressive Campaigning Requires a Progressive Medium for Communications A New Web Site for a New Era!

With its 2005-2009 strategic plan, the Dentistry Canada Fund (DCF) began to take a more pro-active and advanced approach to both its fundraising goals and its communications tactics. As part of its progress, DCF is proud to announce the launch of its re-designed, re-developed web site.

The catalyst for DCF’s forward thinking approach for the next five years was the launch of the $10M/5yr Oral Health Good for Life campaign. A campaign of this size, duration and transformational impact on the Canadian dental community required a corresponding vehicle for delivering information to donors, sponsors, campaign stakeholders and grant applicants.

Launched in time for DCF’s December Board meeting and in time for the 2007 interval Oral Health Good for Life campaign, the new site, with a clean and professional look and feel, provides comprehensive insight into DCF’s on-going activities and initiatives within an easily navigated structure.

“The new site was designed and developed with a unique content management system that enables DCF to maintain and manage up-to-date information on our own without incurring the cost of a Webmaster”, explains Valarie Vasku, Communications Manager at DCF. “Furthermore, the site was created in charitable fashion with the support and expertise of philanthropic-minded professionals, namely: Annelies Vogel of Think-Digital and Mark Biciunas of Agorex.”

Some of the web site’s features include:

A refreshed and clean look and feel.
Improved navigation to link to topic-specific areas of the site and a well-organized main menu.
Provides comprehensive details about DCF fund programs.
Contains detailed information about the Oral Health Good for Life campaign, including a measurement for campaign progress and campaign news updates.
Includes a secure log-in for campaign team members, board members, and sponsors.
Has greater access to pledge forms and in-depth descriptions about ways to give to DCF.
Provides DCF with a cost effective content management system (Agorex Site Factory).

The new DCF web site is a rejuvenated vehicle for the charity’s communications and necessarily compliments our upcoming campaign, providing an advanced approach to highlighting DCF’s ongoing success. Please visit and tell us what you think.

About Dentistry Canada Fund: Dentistry Canada Fund (DCF) is the Canadian Charity for oral health. Our mission is to mobilize and allocate resources for the advancement of oral health in Canada through education, research and public outreach. Visit for more information.