DENTSPLY Implants announces change in top management – Lars Henrikson appointed Group President

DENTSPLY Implants announces a strategic change in top management: Lars Henrikson, former Group Vice President, now moves into the role of Group President. He will maintain offices in Mölndal, Sweden, and Mannheim, Germany.

Jim Mosch, former Group President DENTSPLY Implants, explains:

“Over the last year, the integration process between Astra Tech Dental and DENTSPLY Friadent has been carefully executed. As the integration is near completion, I am happy and confident to hand over the leadership of the global implant business to Lars Henrikson. Lars will now focus on the long-term global strategy for the business.” Jim is promoted to the position of Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer DENTSPLY International.

Lars will assume leadership of the global business, consisting of 18 subsidiaries and operations in Mannheim and Hanau, Germany; Mölndal, Sweden; Leuven and Hasselt, Belgium; and Waltham, MA, USA.

“I am honored and very excited about this great opportunity to lead the new, global powerhouse in implant dentistry. With the best parts of two successful businesses, and the foundation we’ve laid over the last year as DENTSPLY Implants, we have a clear goal in mind – market leader by 2017,” says Lars with unrestrained enthusiasm.

In his previous role as Group Vice President DENTSPLY Implants, Lars was in charge of marketing, R&D and operations. Since the acquisition of Astra Tech in September 2011, he has been a key member of the leadership team, guiding the integration process and supporting the strategic development of DENTSPLY Implants. Lars was with Astra Tech for over 9 years, during which he was actively involved in the strategic development of the dental implant business. Lars has a degree in dentistry from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

For further information, please contact:

Kerstin Wettby
Senior Manager, Global Marketing | PR & Communication, DENTSPLY Implants, Sweden

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