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Educators Announced for the 25th AACD Scientific Session

August 13, 2008
by Oral Health

Eucators Announced for the 25th Anniversary AACD Scientific Session Excellence in Cosmetic Dentistry 2009.

Honolulu, Hawaii will play host to the 25th Anniversary AACD Scientific Session, Excellence in Cosmetic Dentistry 2009, from Monday, April 27 – Friday, May 1, 2009. AACD’s silver anniversary celebration promises to be the most comprehensive event in cosmetic dentistry’s history as the brightest minds in the profession come together for an unforgettable continuing education experience.

For its 25th Anniversary, AACD is pleased to announce over 100 educators that will advance AACD’s mission statement of excellence in the art and science of cosmetic dentistry.

More than 100 educators will present at Excellence in Cosmetic Dentistry 2009, including:*

Dario Adolfi, DDS
Naoki Aiba, CDT
Gary Alex, DMD
Michael Apa, DDS
J. Fred Arnold III, DMD
Betsy Bakeman, DDS
Lois Banta, CEO
Nasser Barghi, DDS
Luke Barnett
Joe Barton, DMD
Joyce Bassett, DDS
Michael Bellerino, CDT
William Blatchford, DDS
Cora Bracho, PhD
Martin Braun, MD
Keith Broome, DDS
Linda Chu
Mitch Conditt, DDS
Nicholas Davis, DDS
Derric DesMarteau, DDS
William Dorfman, DDS
Thomas Dudney, DMD
Rick Durkee, CDT
Katherine Eitel
David Eshom, DDS
Jimmy Eubank, DDS
Jonathan Ferencz, DDS
Steve Goldstein, DDS
Rod Gore, DDS
Terry Goss
Lou Graham, DDS
Susan Gunn
Galip Grel, DDS
Kenneth Hamlett, DDS
Dennis Hartlieb, DDS
Edmond Hewlett, DDS
Casey Hein, RDH, MBA
Brian Hufford, CPA
Cathy Jameson
Donald Jayne, DDS
Lynn Jones, DDS
Phillip Kemp, DDS
Laura Kelly
Seokkyun Kim, DDS
Debra Gray King, DDS
Greggory Kinzer, DDS, MSD
George Kirtley, DDS
James Klim, DDS
Michael Koczarski, DDS
John Kois, DMD
So-Ran Kwon, DDS
Trevor Laingchild, RDT
Susan LeBlanc, DDS
Brian LeSage, DDS
Sonia Leziy, DDS
Brian Lindke, CDT
David Little, DDS
Robert Lowe, DDS
Brett Magnuson, DMD
Mike Malone, DDS
Robert Marus, DDS
Richard Masek, DDS
Toru Matsuo, DDS
Daniel Mayeda, DDS
Kaye McArthur, DDS
Brahm Miller, DDS
Frank Milnar, DDS
Michael Milne, CDT
K. William Mopper, DDS
Jaimee Morgan, DDS
Michael Morgan, DDS
Jeff Morley, DDS
Michael Morris, CDT
Klaus Mutertheiss, MDT
Ross Nash, DDS
Alvin Neff, DDS
Yasuhiro Odanaka
Wynn Okuda, DMD
Bradley Olson, DDS
Nils Olson, DDS
Shannon Pace, DA II
Christopher Pescatore, DMD
Barry Polansky, DMD
Stephen Poss, DDS
Stan Presley, DDS
Gary Radz, DDS
Christopher Ramsey, DMD
Jack Ringer, DDS
Robert Ritter, DMD
Larry Rosenthal, DDS
Sandra Roth
John Schwartz, DDS
Akira Senda, PhD
Michael Sesemann, DDS
Richard Simonsen, DDS, MS
William Strupp, DDS
Toshiro Sugai, DDS
Tim Twigg
Wesley Urich, DDS
Marcos Vargas, DDS
Bernie Villadiego, DDS
Robert Walker, DC
Ramey Warren
John Weston, DDS
Corky Willhite, DDS
Robert Winter, DDS
Jenny Wohlberg
Masao Yamazaki, DDS
Kijoon Yoo, DDS
Gilbert Young, CDT
Marty Zase, DMD

*Please note: Educators are subject to change. View an up-to-date list at www.aacd.com.

AACD is the world’s largest organization of cosmetic dental professionals dedicated to advancing excellence in cosmetic dentistry, with nearly 8,000 members in more than 70 countries around the globe. For more information regarding Excellence in Cosmetic Dentistry 2009, Monday, April 27 – Friday, May 1, 2009, in Honolulu, Hawaii, please visit www.aacd.com or call the AACD Executive Office at 800.543.9220.

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