Expansion of Canadian CareCredit Payment Plans

Canadian Expansion for CareCredit

Effective April 2006, CareCredit will be expanding their dental patient financing programme throughout Canada. They will be offering several new payment plan options, including 24, 36, 48 and 60 month Low Interest Extended payment plans and also an 18-month No Interest payment plan.

These new payment plans offer one of the lowest monthly payments available and are ideal for patients with fees over $1000.00, who would prefer more time to pay. The plans feature a low patient interest rate of just 12.96%, lower even than typical interest rates for consumer credit cards. The new 18-month No Interest Plan enables patients to enjoy a lower monthly payment with no interest charges if the balance is paid in full within the specified time period.

In addition, CareCredit is enhancing its No Interest payment plans (3, 6, 12 and 18 months) by lowering the minimum charge on all plans to $300.00.

These new plans and enhancements are designed to enable more patients to fit dentistry into their lifestyles and budgets, helping patients to more easily accept recommended treatment with greater payment options.

For more information on CareCredit, please call them or visit their website (www.carecredit.com)