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Paid EyeSpecial Makes Dental Photography Easy

August 8, 2019
by Shofu Dental Corporation

Increase Production and Improve Patient Experience

Digital photography plays a crucial role in the dental office. Studies have shown that approximately 65% of people remember information presented visually, while only 10% retain information given verbally. Documenting treatment planning with the right camera, team members can help a patient’s understanding and increase case acceptance. The EyeSpecial camera from SHOFU enables staff to take impressive images consistently for case documentation, diagnosis and treatment planning, patient education, and lab communication. Using the EyeSpecial for photography in the dental office can become an integral part of the practice that clinicians and their team members can use with ease and consistency, earning it the 2019 Cellerant Best of Class Technology award for the 5th consecutive year.



The EyeSpecial digital dental camera has eight pre-programmed shooting modes that are tailored specifically for dentistry. The EyeSpecial will automatically set the appropriate f-stop, aperture, and focal length. Equipped with a 12-megapixel sensor and the cutting-edge FlashMatic module—a proprietary system of a ring and dual-point flashes—this smart camera demonstrates true-color reproduction with an exceptional depth-of-field range. In addition, the camera displays fast autofocusing and possesses anti-shake and anti-reflection to facilitate easy clinical photography for the entire dental team.



The camera’s intuitive, exceptionally user-friendly one-touch functions are on a large LCD touchscreen that works even with a gloved hand. The EyeSpecial’s built-in gridlines, cropping, and smart focus help achieve consistent proportion and size of the patient’s teeth within the frame for predictable clinical photographs. Comfortably hold the ultra-lightweight body in one hand while holding a mirror or cheek retractors in the other, which means only one team member is needed for full case documentation.



Several unique features of the EyeSpecial camera can be achieved with a push of a button, such as, the Mirror mode that can invert the picture in the correct relation. The Surgery mode allows intraoral photography from a distance, and the Isolate Shade mode will gray out soft tissue, for optimal shade matching. Combining the photos from any of the eight shooting modes with a draw/edit function allows for making notes directly on the images, this attribute is incredibly useful for treatment evaluation, discussion about the progress or challenges, and lab communication.



The EyeSpecial is water- and chemical-resistant and can easily be cleaned with a disinfected wipe, essential for infection control in the office. It is HIPPA compliant with the ability to program the patient identification number on the images. The camera also can wirelessly interconnect with other systems in the operatory or laboratory. When furnished with a Wi-Fi card, a photograph captured with EyeSpecial will instantly appear on connected (paired) devices, including a computer’s monitor, laptop, or an iPad, turning a dental office and laboratory into an efficient communication hub.



The easy-to-learn and easy-to-use EyeSpecial will capture consistent quality images every time, navigating Shofu’s camera is virtually stress-free since no extensive technical knowledge is required. The entire dental team can engage in clinical photography, helping to improve the practice’s efficiency and clinical accuracy, and the visually aided patient consultation will increase patient treatment acceptance.

The whole dental team will enjoy using this digital dental camera!

You can learn more by going to http://www.shofu.com/en/products/cameras/camera/eyespecial-c-ii/.



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