Fans Choose Next Music Artist On Popular Brush Buddies Singing Toothbrush

Tens-of-thousands of votes have been cast as Brush Buddies, the world’s leading provider of singing toothbrushes, allows its fans to choose the next music artist featured on their popular line of oral care products.

The Brush Buddies Worldwide Music Search is an online music contest that awards the video with the most votes a product merchandising deal similar to those that Brush Buddies has with Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, One Direction, LMFAO and Psy:

•A Brush Buddies Singing Toothbrush featuring two of the winners’ original songs that each play for two full minutes (the length of time dentists recommend brushing)

•Specially designed Brush Buddies packaging that showcase the winner’s name, image and style

•Artist involvement in the design of the product, packaging and promotion

•Sale through the Brush Buddies worldwide network of retailers, distributors and wholesalers

•Merchandising alongside Brush Buddies featuring some of today’s biggest superstars in music

•Integrated global PR

The Brush Buddies Worldwide Music Search lets fans select the next artist on the popular line of Brush Buddies Singing Toothbrushes!

The online contest, located at, is running November through February 14, 2013. Fans have placed more than 60,000 votes in the contest which currently has 30 videos entered; new entries are accepted through Valentine’s Day, 2013.

The Brush Buddies Worldwide Music Search has entries from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Philippines, South Africa, Italy, and Macedonia and has become a social media sensation by trending nationwide on Twitter in the United Kingdom, separately in Canada, and locally in regional markets.

The contest has also brought fans and their favorite artists closer together by hosting Twitter Parties and a worldwide live broadcast featuring musical performances by the artists, one-on-one chats and tweets.

Brush Buddies introduced its singing toothbrushes during the summer of 2011, with the launch of two products that each played two Justin Bieber songs for two minutes. By 2012, the Brush Buddies brand, as its two Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrushes, outsold the combined sales of all other 49 toothbrushes in the licensed manual toothbrush category (52 weeks ending 3/17/2012 Dollar Sales, Total US Drug AC Nielsen).

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About Brush Buddies
Brush Buddies is the world’s leading provider of entertaining and educational oral care products for people of all ages. The Brush Buddies brand includes Singing toothbrushes, featuring chart-topping hits by Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga One Direction (worldwide excluding North America), LMFAO and Psy; Talking toothbrushes, designed as five characters to teach young brushers proper technique; Poppin’ toothbrushes, designed as five animal characters whose brush heads pop with action and Standard toothbrushes, designed as three whimsical characters fit for smaller hands.