Free Webinar on June 19: How Technology Can Make Your Practice More Productive

Maxident, a recognized leader in delivering state-of-the-art dental practice management software and The Digital Dentist, a provider of objective and informed advice on all matters related to the successful integration of technology into practices, will host a webinar about technology and productivity in dental practices.

Dr. Lorne Lavine, DMD and Tracey Thiessen will present the webinar: “How Technology Can Make Your Practice More Productive” on Wednesday, June 19 at 5 p.m. PDT. For more information and to register, visit

This webinar will discuss a variety of technologies and the benefits of Maxident practice management software to help dental offices realize significant increases in efficiency and productivity.

“Which patients are due for a checkup? Which patients have treatment plans on file? Which patients have insurance that is about to expire? A recent survey shows that many dentists do not know which of their patients require oral treatment,” said Cheryl Kanhai, Maxident president. “Technology is key to unlocking this information and boosting productivity. It is an absolute game changer in how dental offices manage their practice.”

“Contrary to what some sales representatives may believe, well-designed technology needs to be able to adapt to the practice style of the dentist, and not the other way around”, said Dr. Lavine.

Dr. Lavine has long been considered one of the top dental technology experts in the world. Having worked with over 2000 practices, he has helped countless dental practices to develop a technology upgrade plan that is easy to implement and cost-effective for any practice budget. He is also committed to helping practices avoid costly mistakes resulting from inappropriate purchase decisions. This is Dr. Lavine’s first webinar exclusively for Canadian dental offices.

Tracey Thiessen is a Maxident expert with over 25 years of experience in making dental offices more productive. She has helped hundreds of dental practices in the implementation of their practice management and productivity systems. Tracey has taken offices step-by-step from paper, to digital radiography, to completely paperless.

About The Digital Dentist
The Digital Dentist is comprised of dental experts with extensive knowledge of the technology field. All Digital Dentist staff have hands-on knowledge of all products and services considered for use by our clients. Our goal at The Digital Dentist is to provide solutions to the problems faced by dentists in adding new technology to their practice. The founder and President of The Digital Dentist is Dr. Lorne Lavine. 

About Maxident
Maxim Software Systems is a recognized leader in delivering state-of-the-art dental practice management software. Its innovative, easy-to-use software suite, Maxident, integrates cutting edge technologies like artificial intelligence, voice input, touch screen, tablet design, electronic signature, and digital imaging to help dental offices improve productivity, optimize efficiency, boost income, and, most importantly, ensure optimal patient dental health. 

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