What do patients want from you? When patients are in your chair, they typically have several goals: optimal oral health, pain prevention and relief, and an aesthetically beautiful smile. As a dental professional, you can motivate your patients and help them achieve these goals by educating them on the importance of maintaining a good at-home oral care routine and recommending solutions that work best for them.

 What prevents patients from reaching their oral health goals?

Gum disease can limit cosmetic procedures, in comparison to healthy gums that allow for better patient outcomes.

The prevalence of gum disease is an ongoing challenge for all dental professionals. Research shows that over 55% of adults have gingivitis*, and in older and at-risk patients the incidence of bleeding and inflammation climbs to 70%. In the case of gum recession and sensitivity pain, 80% of sensitivity starts at the gumline due to recession.

Why do so many patients experience gingivitis and sensitivity at the gumline? One question to ask: are the products that your patients are using working?

Look to innovations that can help transform your patients’ gum health

Preventing biofilm formation is the key to managing gum health. Biofilm is comprised of a complex community of bacteria that can contribute to hard and soft tissue disease. Poor oral biofilm maintenance and the colonization of pathogenic bacteria can result in oral biofilm dysbiosis. Persistent dysbiosis and the resulting inflammatory reaction can lead to hard and soft tissue disease. This is why daily removal of biofilm is so critical to oral health.

Making toothpaste matter can be the solution

There are so many toothpaste choices. How do you know which one works best? To start, look at the active ingredient! Crest has led the toothpaste evolution to perfect a stabilized stannous fluoride formula that works to penetrate deeper into the biofilm and provide:

  • Soft tissue protection: stannous fluoride is bacteriostatic against bacteria in the biofilm where overgrowth can lead to gingivitis.
  • Hard tissue strengthening: stannous fluoride rebuilds weakened enamel to help prevent caries, and forms a barrier on tooth surfaces to protect against (irreversible) acid erosion.

Crest Gum Toothpastes developed with stannous fluoride elevates gum care for clinically proven healthier gums

Crest Gum Detoxify gets to the bottom of gingivitis!

Its activated foam penetrates up to 4 mm subgingival. The stannous fluoride penetrates deep into the biofilm to help neutralize gingivitis-causing bacteria below the gumline. It also fights plaque bacteria for 12 hours. In clinical studies, 99% of gingivitis patients showed reduced gum bleeding and inflammation after 8 weeks.1 And, 69% of people who used Crest Gum Detoxify wanted to brush longer.**

Crest Gum & Sensitivity is formulated to treat sensitivity at the root of the problem.

Its InstaShield Formula™ quickly treats and helps prevent root sensitivity by occluding exposed tubules and creating a protective layer to shield exposed dentin. The stannous fluoride helps heal gingivitis by killing plaque bacteria, a risk for gingival recession – a cause of root sensitivity.

Both Crest Gum Detoxify and Gum & Sensitivity have been validated by the Canadian Dental Association for oral health benefits of treating gingivitis, sensitivity, enamel acid erosion, plaque and cavities.

Help your patients advance to healthier gums

One of the most rewarding things about being a dental professional is helping your patients reach their dental hygiene goals! You can share your expertise and extend your care beyond the chair by setting up a preventative oral hygiene routine or treatment plan for your patient to practice at home, and recommend a paste with an ingredient that is clinically proven to help treat your patient’s underlying diseases.


Visit today to learn more about Crest stannous fluoride toothpastes and see how they can help make a difference to your patients’ gum health.


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There are many causes of gum recession.
** Premium toothpaste users were given product information on Crest Gum Detoxify. After 2 weeks of use, users took surveys about their experience and opinions with the product, intent to brush longer differs significantly; further studies required to measure brushing time.
Starts working immediately by blocking tubules for relief within days.
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