ILLUMA Receives License from Health Canada

ILUMA Cone Beam CT System Receives a Medical Device License from Health Canada

Carestream Health, Inc., the exclusive manufacturer of KODAK Dental Systems, today announced that it will begin immediately selling and shipping the ILUMA Cone Beam CT System in Canada.

The ILUMA Cone Beam CT (computed tomography) System provides anatomically accurate 3-D radiographic images for diagnosis, planning and treatment of oral surgery, orthodontics and other dental procedures. Undistorted, anatomically correct views of the jaws, teeth and facial bones along with cross-sectional (bucco-lingual), axial, coronal, sagittal, cephalometric and panoramic views are easily generated with the system. The ILUMA System has one of the highest image resolutions in the industry, delivering 14-bit grayscale images and 0.09 mm3 voxel (VOlume piXEL), the measure of
3-D image resolution.

“We are delighted that dental practices in Canada will now be able to leverage the powerful ILUMA System,” said Ruth Arbuckle, US/C General Manager and Canadian Sales Manager, Dental Business for Carestream Health. “Three-dimensional imaging is an exciting area of dentistry, providing a level of anatomical accuracy and patient care not possible with 2-D technologies.”

Through a distribution agreement with IMTEC Imaging, Carestream Health is the exclusive distributor of the system for the U.S. and Canadian dental markets. Numerous sales and installations have already occurred in the US market with great success. The ILUMA system has recently received a medical device license from Health Canada and is now available for immediate sale and installation in the Canadian markets.

About Carestream Health, Inc. and KODAK Dental Systems
Carestream Health, Inc., is the exclusive maker of KODAK Dental Systems. KODAK Dental Imaging and Practice Management Systems help dental professionals streamline workflow and enhance patient care by enabling them to capture, share, and use images and information easily and effectively.

In May 2007, Onex Corp. purchased Eastman Kodak Company’s Health Group and renamed it Carestream Health. With revenues of more than $2.5 billion, Carestream Health is a leading provider of dental and medical imaging systems and IT solutions.

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