Implantology with innovation potential – presented at the International Dental Show (IDS) 2015

Current trends in implant systems and materials – digital technologies for implant planning – strategies for osteoconduction and osteointegration – a core theme at the upcoming IDS

The figures provide confirmation: implantology is a growth area in dentistry. In Germany alone, over 800,000 implants are inserted each year. More than 1,300 different dental implants are currently available; around the world, implantological procedures will achieve an estimated sales volume of five billion US dollars this year – with a strong upward trend. This will also be taken into consideration at the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne: every two years, in particular the implantology specialists among the dentists and dental technicians use the world’s largest trade fair in the dental sector to inform themselves about product innovations and current trends.

In addition to new implant materials, for example heavy-duty zirconium and titanium alloys, modifications to implant surfaces are increasingly moving into the focus amongst industry experts. Optimisation of implant surfaces can be achieved both mechanically as well as biochemically.

Also of great importance with respect to bone and soft tissue regeneration are modern bone replacement materials, which are available to implantologists today in many forms. Here, the latest developments are bespoke CAD/CAM produced bone blocks based on 3D X-ray data, which are precisely inserted and can increase the prospects of success e.g. in the case of augmentations or osteotransplantations.
In Cologne, the results of these developments are comprehensively presented by experts from the dental industry – undoubtedly a domain of the IDS.

Independent of the respective implantological indication, economic planning systems and methods for improving workflows are gaining in importance everywhere. Here, an important trend relates to 3D implant navigation systems – current methods give the clinician the option to produce suitable templates themselves using CT or DVT images or to outsource these complex processes to specialist companies within the dental industry, because modern software systems now permit 3D planning without having DVT equipment on-site – an interesting alternative, especially for smaller practices.

The date for the 36. International Dental Show Cologne (IDS) is March 10th-14th, 2015.

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