Industry Merger Creates New Large Global Dental Equipment Manufacturer


 Industry Merger Creates One Of The Ten Largest Global Dental


SciCan, a Toronto based manufacturer of infection control products and solutions

with subsidiaries in Canonsburg PA, Augsburg Germany and Zug Switzerland has

merged with dental manufacturer SycoTec (previously, EWL, a subsidiary of the

KAVO Group located in Leutkirch Germany) and French endodontic specialist

MICRO-MEGA (Besançon).  SciCan, the worlds largest producer of table top

autoclaves will be part of this strong company alliance under the leadership of

SycoTec’s Managing Partner Dr. Martin Rickert. Together the group will be one of

the ten largest dental equipment manufacturers in the world of innovative products for

the dental and medical markets. “We can now offer clinical instruments, drives and

infection control solutions, all from one source”, Dr. Martin Rickert is pleased to

announce. The three companies are being integrated under one common umbrella, but

will remain independent. It is not a buy-out; hence no purchasing price was paid.

Merger related downsizing is not intended.

 SciCan and its brands will remain in their present form. SciCan’s Chairman Arthur Zwingenberger

will serve as Chairman of the new group.

“While SycoTec concentrates mainly on drives, and specialized motors, MICROMEGA

manufactures top quality root canal instruments and hand pieces which are

commonly used in every dental office. SciCan complements this range of products

with critical procedures before and after treatment: namely infection control practices

which include washing, disinfection and sterilization. “It becomes more and more

important”, says Rickert, “bacteria has to be removed from all the instruments that

were used, for the doctor to safely work with them again. The legal guidelines in this

regard are getting more stringent.” SciCan comes at the right time: The Canadians

produce a full range of infection control products – on the one hand autoclaves

(sterilizing units), and on the other, state of the art cleaning and disinfection

technologies which are sold in both dental and medical markets. The consumable

products for infection control complete the range.

The distribution networks of all three companies will be

selling the products of the entire group. Further opportunities for SycoTec

and MICRO-MEGA will result in North America based on SciCan’s market

presence and SciCan will be able to establish itself even better in Europe

based on the strengths of Syco-Tec and Micro Mega. Together it will also be

possible to strengthen the group’s presence in Asia.

The merger will lead to a group of approx. 800

employees and will be one of the world’s ten largest suppliers of dental equipment.

Initial reactions from the industry are positive according to Dr. Martin Rickert. The head

of the company, who is also the Chairman of the Association of the German Dental

Industry is looking forward to the future. “We are now on all accounts well established

for the future and are standing on solid ground.”

The merger will become legally effective within the next few months.







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