Lawyer recruits dentists, gathers donations to care for poor Jamaicans

The Donor: Michael Carabash

The Gift: Joining Canadian dentists with Jamaica’s 1000 Smiles Project

The Reason: To help impoverished people get dental care

Michael Carabash was attending an awards ceremony last year in Toronto when he heard a presentation by a dentist who had volunteered extensively in developing countries.

The dentist, Dr. Tim Milligan, said it had been the experience of his lifetime, recalled Mr. Carabash, a Toronto lawyer who specializes in legal work for dentists. “I thought, damn, I need one of those.”

A few months later, Mr. Carabash was on a holiday in Jamaica with his family when he struck up a conversation with Joseph Wright, an American who co-founded Great Shape!, a non-profit organization in Jamaica that works with the Sandals Foundation. Great Shape! runs a program called 1000 Smiles Project which brings in dentists from the United States and Britain as volunteers to provide free dental care to people in impoverished neighbourhoods.(more)

Paul Waldie
The Globe and Mail

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