Maher Zreik, New 3M ESPE Regional Sales Manager

3M ESPE Dental Products is pleased to announce the appointment of Maher Zreik to Regional Sales Manager, based out of Montreal, responsible for sales in Eastern Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Provinces.

Maher brings over fourteen years of clinical and business experience in the dental, medical and pharmaceutical industries that began in 1996 when he joined our 3M Gulf operations, based in Lebanon, as a specialist in dental markets. Maher later served in various sales and marketing roles with a number of global companies where he was responsible for sales and marketing operations in Europe, Middle East and Africa before relocating with his family to Canada in 2006.

In 2010 , Maher rejoined 3M ESPE Dental Products Group in Canada, as a sales specialist based in Montreal. Maher graduated from the Lebanese University in 1991 with a Doctorate in Dental Sciences.

To contact Maher, call 514-629-2995 or email For information about 3M ESPE, call 1-888-363-3685 or visit