Merger of ADEI with Transitions Groupn North America

Transitions Group North America (TGNA) and Advanced Dental Education Institute (ADEI) have jointly merged companies under the brand of Transitions Group North America.

The President of ADEI, LeeAnn Shipowick, joins Lisa Philp, President of Transitions Group North America, to expand services and solutions for dentistry across the continent.

“Merging my company into Transitions Group North America is an opportunity to combine years of resources, collaborate entrepreneurial solutions and expand options for my clients.”

LeeAnn Shipowick, President of ADEI.

“I am excited to have LeeAnn join Transitions and our leadership team. She brings insight, integrity and creative energy that is a perfect fit to continue our explosive growth for North American dentistry”

Lisa Philp, President Transitions Group North America.

About the ADEI:
The ADEI is a forward thinking continuing education and coaching hub for dental professionals across Canada. We bring together people and ideas to create sound business strategies for maximum practice profit. The ADEI opened in 1995 and since that time, we’ve inspired thousands of dental professionals to work smarter, become more pro-active, promote value added services and increase revenues.

About Transitions Group North America:
Transitions Group is North America’s premier dental coaching company that makes a positive difference in the lives of the Dental Professionals they have the privilege to serve. Transitions manages change at every stage of a dental career from a new dentist starting up, to a dentist who is midpoint of their career and reached a plateau or decline or a dentist who is in need of preparing a succession plan.