MyntSmile Consults REMBRANDT(R) Founder and Welcomes Former CEO/President of Caudalie & Former EVP of La Prairie as President

MyntSmile, manufacturer of DIAMYNT Porcelain & Veneer toothpaste formulated exclusively for cosmetic dental work, is pleased to announce new leadership appointments to the MyntSmile management group.


“I am impressed with all Ms. Kao (MyntSmile CEO) has accomplished through her MyntSmile Brand. We met on several occasions and she is a very ambitious young lady,” Dr. Robert Ibsen, renowned founder of REMBRANDT toothpaste and DenMat.


We are delighted to appoint Martha Brady as President of MyntSmile. Martha is a veteran of the retail cosmetic industry, possessing decades of executive-level sales and marketing experience, both domestically and internationally. Previously, Martha held a number of leadership positions within the cosmetic industry, ranging from Director and EVP, to CEO and President. Her dynamic wealth of retail experience will lead MyntSmile on a path to robust expansion and growth. Integral to the facilitation of our objectives, is Dr. Franklin Garcia-Godoy, VP of Science and Research at MyntSmile. Dr. Garcia-Godoy is an esteemed Professor and Researcher at The University of Tennessee college of Dentistry, and has been intimately involved with DIAMYNT since inception. “This first year was very exciting. Bringing DIAMYNT to market was my way of providing patients and dentists a viable solution for millions of people who spend thou- sands of dollars on their smiles,” explains CEO & Inventor Lisa Marie Kao. “I’m so excited for what lies ahead. It’s been a whirlwind of meetings and the brand is poised for very big things such as a line extension to feature mouth wash which will lead to availability in brick and mortar and additional on-line stores. 2014 is the year for this brand to go big,” continued Ms. Kao.


DIAMYNT sold in dental offices and on, also fights cavities and tooth decay on enamel.


It was invented by Lisa Marie Kao, a New York dental hygienist, who saw an unmet need for her patients who sought a non-abrasive toothpaste to protect and preserve their porcelain veneers and bonded teeth. Ms. Kao collaborated with top dentists, chemists, and advisors and brought DIAMYNT to the marketplace last summer. It’s been on the market for one year.


DIAMYNT has been published in several peer-reviewed dental journals and business publications, as we steadily increase our presence within the scientific and cosmetic community. Additionally, we’ve had high-profile celebrities such as Sandra Bullock, CNN Anchor Soledad O’Brien, Patrick Wilson and NYC Housewives use our product. Robert Brady (former CEO of DIOR Cosmetics/LVMH) and his wife have also used DIAMYNT for their veneers as well.


About DIAMYNT by MyntSmile:
DIAMYNT is a clinically proven toothpaste designed to maintain the long term beauty of porcelain and bonding, while it helps fight decay on tooth enamel. It promotes up to 20% more gloss than a conventional toothpaste and showed a 27% reduction in tooth decay in clinical studies.


MyntSmile’s proprietary low abrasion formula used in DIAMYNT helps to maintain the gloss and luster of both porcelain and bonded restorations. This formula keeps the surface layer from becoming lifeless and dull making teeth less susceptible to more stain, tartar and plaque. Made with fluoride and xylitol, DIAMYNT has been clinically shown to help slow down demineralization of enamel and root cavities. The patent pending formula alsofreshens and whitens teeth by removing surface stains safely. Ms. Kao was presenting author for her abstract at the International Association for Dental Research Meeting 2012 and 2013. DIAMYNT has been published in major dental trade journals such as The American Journal of Dentistry, The Journal of Dental Research (online) Dentistry IQ, American Dental Hygiene Association, and Registered Dental Hygiene Magazine.


Founded in 2008, MyntSmile plans to roll out several product line extensions for the cosmetic dental patient focusing on”post care and maintenance.” for the cosmetic patient in the near future. DIAMYNT is available at select cosmetic dental offices in and also available on


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