NASDAQ to open with World Oral Health Day 2013!

Dear FDI Members

You can now watch FDI’s ’Toothbrush Symphony’ online.

The ‘Toothbrush Symphony’, celebrating 20 March, World Oral Health Day 2013, is conceived as a fun and entertaining way to raise awareness about oral health. You can also download it.

Download the ‘Toothbrush Symphony’, ‘online-friendly’ version. (High enough quality for most uses.)

Download the ‘Toothbrush Symphony’ in high-definition. (For professional use, for example television broadcasting.)

Also, look out for FDI partner Henry Schein opening the NASDAQ stock market (New York City), at 9:30 a.m. (14:30 CET) on 20 March 2013, on the theme ‘World Oral Health Day’. Watch the live streaming of the NASDAQ 20 March Opening.

The official press launch of World Oral Health Day took place yesterday, 18 March, streamed live from the Swiss Press Club in Geneva. View the press launch of World Oral Health Day.

Please feel free to make full use of the film and other materials to promote World Oral Health Day 2013. We would also like to thank you in advance for organizing awareness-raising events and look forward to your feedback in the coming days.

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