New Futuredontics® Infographic Shows How Online Videos Help Dentists Attract Patients

Futuredontics®, the parent company of 1-800-DENTIST®, announced today the release of “Why Your Dental Practice Needs Its Own Video” — the latest in a popular series of infographics aimed at helping dental practices improve patient acquisition and retention. 

Designed to be easily viewed and shared by dental professionals and industry publications, “Why Your Dental Practice Needs Its Own Video” is a free, downloadable PDF offering valuable data on the importance of adding video business websites. The infographic focuses on over 10 key industry statistics to illustrate why video is now viewed as the most effective way for practices to turn prospects into patients.

“We created our new infographic to help dentists, marketing managers and practice administrators see why video is the best new tool they can add to their practice marketing mix,” said Futuredontics company president, Fred Joyal. “We live in a world where people prefer watching videos to reading by four to one. Our research team uncovered data that shows marketers who use video convert 80% more consumers and grew their revenue 49% faster than those who didn’t.”

“Video supercharges practice marketing,” Joyal continued.  “I think dentists are going to be surprised to learn just how dramatically they can improve new patient acquisition, website SEO and their entire online presence just by adding a simple video to their website site or Facebook page.”

Dental professionals and industry publications can download a shareable copy of “Why Your Dental Practice Needs Its Own Video” by visiting      

About Futuredontics®
Futuredontics® – the parent company of 18D CONNECT®, 1-800-DENTIST® and Patient Activator® specializes in helping dental practices turn consumers into lifelong patients. We are the industry’s largest direct marketer that solely focuses on the challenge of maximizing dental practice production. Independent practitioners and DSOs nationwide rely on us for the advanced services, training and support they need to build profitable, long-term relationships with new patients in their area. Only Futuredontics offers the unparalleled expertise that comes with over 30 years of industry leadership. Our library of educational resources – the largest dedicated to dental practice marketing – features original reports, surveys, training webinars and videos. With unlimited live customer support, dentistry’s premier marketing products and our exclusive production guarantee, Futuredontics is the proven way for dental practices to grow their patient base and increase practice production year after year.