New York Surgical Mask Manufacturer Responds to PPE Recommendations, Healthcare Worker Concerns

The CDC recently revised their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) recommendations for healthcare workers caring for Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) patients to include the use of N95 or PAPR respirators and full coverage of all exposed skin. Emory Healthcare, a targeted treatment facility for EVD patients, also released their Healthcare Ebola Preparedness Protocols draft document While the CDC recommendations are specific only to direct patient care of diagnosed EVD patients and exclude the use of medical face masks in this specific scenario, Emory’s recommendations involve a broader set of EVD scenarios (Appendix 5; a “PPE Guidance Matrix for EVD”), and specifically recommends the use of face masks in every situation, except during the care of a diagnosed, symptomatic EVD patient.

Crosstex International, Inc. (Hauppauge, N.Y.), a subsidiary of Cantel Medical Corp. (NYSE: CMN), and a leading U.S. manufacturer of earloop face masks and other infection prevention control products, has seen increased demand for its SECURE FIT® fitted face masks as a result of heightened concern over the ability of PPE, including surgical masks, to provide full coverage and protection. “I think the tightened protocols and the Dallas nurse who expressed concern over neck exposure where germs could travel up under her mask was an eye opener to the need for PPE, such as face masks, to provide optimal protection,” said Gary Steinberg, President of Crosstex.

For more information, Crosstex is offering free trial supplies of SECURE FIT® masks to any concerned healthcare provider or institution. Visit for further mask education and research, and to order free samples of SECURE FIT masks.

Crosstex is a member of the Secure Mask Supply Association

U.S. Surgical Mask Manufacturers Join Forces to Create Secure Mask
Supply Association and Raise Awareness of Domestic Supply Risk

Founded by 3 of the largest surgical mask and respirator manufacturers in the United States, the Secure Mask Supply Association (SMSA) was formed to highlight the risk of major supply shortages associated with increased foreign-sourcing dependency.

The Secure Mask Supply Association (SMSA), a collaboration between industry competitors Prestige Ameritech, Crosstex, and Gerson, has announced their formation and their goal of ensuring adequate U.S. mask and respirator supplies during global infectious disease threats through a viable American-based mask manufacturing industry.

“In times of major infectious disease threats, as we’ve seen with H1N1, mask and respirator shortages could turn our entire healthcare system on its head. We’ve come very close to that scenario in the past with the H1N1 threat and are certain to come up against it in the future.”, says Mike Bowen of Prestige Ameritech. “The question of whether or not the U.S. is prepared for future epidemics is definitely one of the most pressing issues today and as it stands, we are not prepared as long as this industry has most of its operations on other continents.”

The three founding companies of the Secure Mask Supply Association are entirely Americanowned and maintain operations in the U.S. “Individually, we have spent the past 7 years trying to address the concern brought to us by Federal officials. Together, through the SMSA, we hope to finally move the United States Government into action to better prepare for scenarios that directly threaten the lives and safety of healthcare workers, first responders, and the general public at large. ”, says Bowen.

“Surgical masks and respirators seem simple and abundant, but they are neither and we need to make strides to bring more of this essential industry back to the U.S. before we learn the hard way.”

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