NHL team dentist stitches players up, sends them back out

 What kind of dentist would want an unpaid job treating patients who consider missing teeth a badge of honor?

Meet Donald L. Goudy Jr., DDS, the official team dentist for the NHL’s San Jose Sharks who provides emergency treatment for players who probably suffer more injuries — oral and otherwise — than any other professional athletes.

“Someone is injured every other game,” Dr. Goudy explained to DrBicuspid.com. “But that includes everything — from getting hit in the foot with the puck to concussions. It runs the whole gamut.”

Dr. Donald L. Goudy Jr. and Arthur Ting, MD, orthopedic surgeon and head physician for the San Jose Sharks, work on a player who’s still wearing his skates.

The image of tough hockey players getting their teeth knocked out, spitting them out, and continuing to play isn’t too far off.

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SOURCE: By Donna Domino, Features Editor