No “Drought” About It

Dry mouth sufferers fear no more, you can finally give your mouth the refreshment it deserves with Mouth Kote’s Dry Mouth Spray, a throat and mouth moisturizer that will keep your mouth feeling natural any time of day.

Developed for the treatment of xerostomia (dry mouth), this formula is sugar and alcohol free with the pleasant taste of lemon-lime. The long lasting spray contains natural patented ingredients such as Xylitol – a natural sweetener that has been proven to prevent tooth decay – and Yerba Santa, also know as the “holy herb”, an indigenous plant to the foothills of the Pacific Northwest. This is the first and only product containing Yerba Santa which is known to actually “hold” water, making Mouth Kote the longest lasting Dry Mouth Spray available today.

Dry Mouth has become a common side effect, especially among those suffering serious illnesses, patients undergoing irradiation and chemotherapy as well as the patients taking some of the hundred of medications that cause dry mouth. Mouth Kote will not only help the millions of people who suffer these side effects, it will also act as a sleep aid, since a moist mouth is assists in a better sleep. This remedy is even preferred by many vocalists and performing artists!

Developed by Physicians, and Doctor and Pharmacist recommended, this moisturizing spray comes in two sizes, a convenient 59ml travel size bottle retailing at $11.99, and a 236ml bottle retailing at $17.99.