Nobel Biocare announces new digital workflow and new regenerative product at Global Symposium in New York

  • Announcement of new fully-integrated digital workflow
  • New regenerative product to be introduced into Nobel Biocare products and solutions portfolio
  • New NobelProcera® Abutment will achieve esthetics from a new angle
  • Inauguration of Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation (FOR) at Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2013
  • Innovative scientific Nobel Biocare Global Symposium covers four complete “patient journeys”

Nobel Biocare welcomes more than 2,000 attendees to the famous Waldorf Astoria in New York for the exclusive and sold-out Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2013. Between June 20 and 23, well over a hundred world-renowned researchers, scientists, clinicians and academics will take the stage to share their insights and perspectives on how to treat more patients better. The exciting program, prominent guests and historic location make it an ideal platform for announcing Nobel Biocare’s new digital workflow, new regenerative product and the inauguration of the Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation (FOR).

“We are making continued improvements in efficiency and at the same time we continue to invest significantly in our future,” according to Richard Laube, Nobel Biocare CEO. “Our Nobel Biocare Global Symposium in New York is one of these investments and sold out months ago. The establishment of the Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation (FOR) is another clear example, as well as our efforts in innovation with the launching of our exciting new products and solutions.”

Announcement of new fully-integrated digital workflow
With a strong focus on patient safety and treatment efficiency for dental professionals and their patients, Nobel Biocare is developing a seamless workflow from patient diagnostics and treatment planning to surgery and later also prosthetics – all efficiently and digitally connected through Nobel Biocare’s secure online network, NobelConnect. The next linked steps, being previewed during the symposium, continue to strongly build on the individual strengths and expertise within the treating teams, connecting NobelProcera lab technicians and NobelClinician users digitally together.

Starting with diagnostics and treatment planning in the NobelClinician Software, the highly accurate surface model obtained from the second-generation NobelProcera 2G Scanner can now be added to the scene at any stage of the treatment through a fully-automated and precise smart fusion technology. This enables even better representation of intraoral tissues for diagnostics and planning. Furthermore it reduces (procedural) treatment costs and shortens timelines by allowing (CB)CT scans to already be taken at the first patient visit which offers clinicians a truly flexible way of working.

Radiographic guides, specific markers and scan protocols are no longer needed. The decision for guided surgery can be taken at any stage. Fully-automated precision-fitting surgical templates are automatically generated at the click of a button using the integrated surface scan and planned implant positions. Next to the traditional fully-guided approach, NobelGuide will now also offer options for guided pilot drilling. The decision for the position, orientation and depth of the first drill during the implant site preparation is one of the most crucial steps for a clinician. The NobelGuide pilot drill template helps to solve this challenge and yet enables clinicians to finish the surgery using their existing free hand techniques. All surgical templates can be visualized immediately in the NobelClinician Software, ordered completely online and are delivered ready to use.

The iPad®-operated drilling unit, OsseoCare Pro, truly sets a smarter standard in safety and efficiency and is seamlessly linked to NobelConnect. This allows the secure transfer of digital plans from NobelClinician directly into the intelligent device for free hand surgeries or guided surgery options – all immediately and neatly documented into automated clinical reports. After the surgery, patient-specific data is exported back to NobelClinician and stored in the fully-encrypted NobelClinician file for later reference.

Running both on Windows® PCs and Mac® OS X, NobelClinician is continuously expanding its user base. With the recently introduced Volume Rendering technique, a patient’s anatomy can be easier evaluated before surgery. The innovative NobelClinician Communicator iPad® App allows for reviewing NobelClinician plans together with the patient to better understand the proposed treatment. The app, available on the Apple® App Store, focuses on increasing treatment acceptance and securely links through NobelConnect to any iPad®.

A predictable restorative outcome is assured through the custom-design of individualized prosthetics in the NobelProcera Software. The software is directly linked into the global network of NobelProcera production facilities for the manufacturing and delivery of functional and natural-looking dental restorations designed to last a lifetime.

New regenerative product to be introduced into Nobel Biocare products and solutions portfolio
Nobel Biocare recently entered the field of regenerative solutions by offering a new membrane, creos™ xeno.protect, to selected European markets. A biodegradable collagen membrane, creos™ xeno.protect is for dental use in guided bone regeneration (GBR) and guided tissue regeneration (GTR) procedures. It creates a favorable environment for bone regeneration in the defect area by preventing the migration of undesired cells from the surrounding soft tissue and allowing the in-growth of osteogenic cells. First results demonstrate excellent revascularization behavior and tissue compatibility combined with an extended barrier function. The membrane furthermore offers excellent handling properties with a minimal size increase when hydrated as well as easy repositioning and unfolding. The official launch date will be disclosed at a later date.

New NobelProcera® Abutment will achieve esthetics from a new angle
Precise engineering has been part of Nobel Biocare’s heritage since its beginning and the upcoming NobelProcera Angulated Screw Channel (ASC) Abutment is another milestone in that history. This new NobelProcera Abutment can be designed with an angulated screw channel which allows for a more optimal and esthetic screw access position. Now clinicians, who were once limited to cement-retained solutions because of esthetic reasons or access difficulties, can opt for screw-retained solutions and experience easy placement and removal options with a screw access hole that can be placed according to preference.

The concept behind the angulated screw channel is to provide a free choice of screw access position to improve esthetics (in the anterior), enable easier access (in the posterior) and provide restorative flexibility with increased treatment options. All this is supported by the new easy-to-handle Omnigrip interface tooling. With the unique Omnigrip interface, the friction-based pick-up function of the screwdriver easily connects to the screw. Screw tightening is then possible in all situations whether the screwdriver is straight or even at an angle. The ASC concept combined with Omnigrip will be introduced starting with selected NobelProcera Abutments during 2014.

Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation (FOR) inaugurated at Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2013
The official inauguration of the Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation (FOR) took place yesterday on June 20 during the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2013 in New York. Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations, Bertrand Piccard was awarded the foundation’s first “FOR Humanity Award” in recognition of such efforts like his “Winds of Hope” humanitarian foundation. Professor P-I Brånemark was also
elected as the first Honorary Fellow of FOR. Shaped by leading clinicians and scholars, FOR builds on Nobel Biocare’s long-standing commitment to science, education and humanitarian engagement. By promoting oral healthcare and humanitarian endeavors, the foundation seeks to provide on-demand opportunities for learning, sharing and mentoring for better patient care. The sponsorship of FOR demonstrates the strong emphasis Nobel Biocare is placing on training and education and underscores the future contributions the company plans to make to the oral health community. Visit to learn more about FOR and these latest announcements.

Innovative scientific Nobel Biocare Global Symposium covers four complete “patient journeys”
The Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2013, taking place in New York between June 20 and 23, carries the theme, “Designing for Life: Today and in the future” and is designed for the dental professional who wants to gain the latest science-based knowledge and techniques available in implant dentistry. The innovative and insightful program is designed to maximize the learning experience. The program itself is centered on the four patient journeys: Missing Anterior and Posterior Single Teeth; Missing Multiple Anterior Teeth; Missing Multiple Posterior Teeth; and Managing the Terminal / Failing Dentition – The Transition to Edentulism. The attendees will be able to follow each patient journey from planning to maintenance including possible complications and how to avoid them. Important clinical themes will also be covered such as minimally invasive treatment, graftless solutions, immediate replacement and function, soft tissue health and esthetics. The program includes the latest knowledge on the key factors for successful oral rehabilitation, such as diagnosis and treatment planning, surgical and restorative treatment, and patient follow-up.

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Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2013, New York

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