Nobel Biocare Oral Health Centre

The new Nobel Biocare Oral Health Centre at UBC

At the recent dental meeting in Vancover, the announcement was made of a generous gift from Nobel Biocare, who have given $5 million to support the new Oral Health Centre at UBC. In recognition, the Faculty of Dentistry has named the new clinical facility the Nobel Biocare Oral Health Centre.

The Centre will serve students, researchers and the community at UBC and beyond. The practice and research clinic will offer patient-centred clinical care for the over 35,000 visits it will receive each year.

Occupying 39,000 square feet, this state-of the-art centre offers:
patient-centred clinical care
an integrated and expanded curriculum
leading-edge research and expanded CE opportunities
innovative new clinical equipment

This visionary gift will help secure a solid future for UBC’s Faculty of Dentistry, as well as support dental education and research in Canada and abroad. This gift will help to expand graduate education, introduce implants and advanced ceramic technology to the undergraduate curriculum, expand CE courses, further research on implant technology and increase international collaborations.

President and CEO of Nobel Biocare, Heliane Canepa, said “With Nobel Bicare’s scientific heritage and strong commitment to training and education, we are extremely pleased to support this new clinic at UBC. We are convinced that it will play an important role in the future of oral health education and research.”