Ontario Constituent Receives AGD Award


CHICAGO (August 26, 2008) – The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) recently awarded its Ontario constituent with the prestigious Constituent of the Year (COY) Award; the Continuing Education (CE) Award of Excellence-Honorable Mention; the Membership Award-Honorable Mention and the William W. Howard Academy Constituent Editors (ACE) awards. The ceremony was held during the AGD’s Annual Meeting & Exhibits on July 20, 2008, in Orlando, Fla. Accepting the awards on behalf of the constituent was Ontario AGD President, Neil J. Gajjar, DDS, MAGD.

“Teamwork, dedication and commitment from the members of the Ontario AGD has lead to this great achievement,” said Dr. Gajjar. “We look forward to another outstanding year in which we can help advance the field of dentistry and the AGD as well as ensure the oral health of the public.”

Ontario AGD earned an Honorable Mention for the CE Award of Excellence, which recognizes exemplary continuing dental education programs throughout a state. It acknowledges constituents who have provided multiple CE opportunities throughout their state through direct training or through approved local program providers and have encouraged participation in the Fellowship and Mastership Awards programs.

For their efforts to go above and beyond in their recruitment and retention efforts, Ontario AGD also received an Honorable Mention for the Membership Award. Ontario received the ACE award, a component of the Editor’s Program, for their excellence in newsletter publishing. Constituent Editors compile constituent newsletters and information on ways to recruit, retain and train new editors. Newsletters are evaluated by impartial judges who are not affiliated with the AGD.

The AGD is a professional association of more than 35,000 general dentists dedicated to staying up-to-date in the profession through continuing education. Founded in 1952, the AGD has grown to become the world’s second largest dental association, which is the only association that exclusively represents the needs and interests of general dentists.

For more information about the AGD, please visit www.agd.org.