Ontario dentist makes a new app for Blackberry Playbook

My app is free to download and use and I created it with Canadian dentists in mind for practical chair-side use. When I discuss with patients the bad effect of their smoking habit, I like to discuss not only the health but also financial cost of their habit. I finally got the idea, why not make an app for that? So I created this app which will let you type in the age you started smoking, current age, how many cigarettes you smoke and how much a pack costs. It figures out how much money you spent per day, week, month, year and since you started smoking.

I am excited about being able to make dental-related clinical apps for the Canadian and international markets that runs on a Canadian company

(Blackberry) tablet computer. I hope to work on more apps in the future such as a chair-side consultation tools showing different dental procedures, before and after photos, and so on. 

For more information please log onto https://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/90185/.

Dr. Edy Braun – Periodontist

Vaughan, ON