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OperaVR Extracts Pain, Anxiety From Dreaded Dental Visits

July 8, 2019
by Las Vegas Review Journal

He knows he’s hated, this pinata of medicine.

Dr. Bryan Laskin gets that it’s not really about him. It’s not personal that for many a trip to his office is as much the stuff of nightmares as that fanged creature beneath your bed, waiting for the lights to go out.

But he’s a dentist.

Hall monitors and kitten punchers have a better rep.

Phones practically sprout horns and grow teeth when it’s time to make an appointment with someone in his profession.

Laskin has actual stats demonstrating just how much dread dentistry inspires.

“The research shows that over 80 percent of adults have some type of dental anxiety, 22 percent of adults have put off some type of dental treatment because of anxiety and 10 percent of adults will avoid going to the dentist at all costs,” he says, citing a 2016 Gallup study. “So, they would rather be, like, hit in the face with a baseball bat than go to the dentist. It’s a huge issue.”

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