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Oral Health America Releases State-By-State Analysis of Older Americans’ Oral Health

May 3, 2016
by Oral Health America (OHA)

National Report Makes the Case for Policy Change

Oral Health America - Logo1Oral Health is an important part of overall health and well-being, but there are huge gaps in oral health particularly for older Americans.  Because by the year 2030, it is expected that more than 19% of the U.S. population–almost one out of every five Americans–is expected to be 65 years or older, we can make a real difference by opening up a much broader conversation about the complex issues surrounding the oral health of older Americans as well as the goals and responsibilities of communities in providing support and access.

Oral Health America (OHA) has published a new report examining factors impacting the oral health of older Americans. A State of Decay, Vol. III is a state-by-state report of the oral health of its 65+ population and the success or failure of states to address those needs. It reveals that continued attention is needed to ensure that America’s increasing population of seniors age healthily and independently.

To contonue readling, please visit: https://oralhealthamerica.org/.

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