Paradise Dental Technologies Introduces The R144 Queen of Hearts Periodontal Curette

Paradise Dental Technologies introduces the R144 Queen of Hearts™ periodontal curette. This curette is designed with much longer cutting edges and a closed-face blade for fine finishing with minimal tissue distention, allowing you to efficiently reach the root concavities, base of the pocket and furcations of periodontally involved teeth with better adaptation.

Research has confirmed that people with periodontal disease are twice as likely to suffer from cardiovascular/cerebrovascular disease, making hygienists essential in the line of defense against these diseases! Add the Queen of Hearts™ to your arsenal and bring your patient one step closer to better overall health. Keep more patients in your practice and refer out less with proper instrumentation.

Achieve better ergonomics with our innovative dental product designs. This includes ultra-light, tactile sensitive, solid resin handles and blades made of the highest quality, uniquely processed 440A stainless steel for sharper, harder, tougher blades that will outlast more expensive instruments multiple times. Feel the difference for yourself!

Superior Quality. Lower Price. Best Value! Plus, PDT makes a donation to the American Heart Association for every Queen of Hearts™ that is sold. For more information and videos please visit us at or call 800-240-9895.