Prevora is approved for preventing cavities in high-risk adults in the United Kingdom

CHX Technologies has received approval from the Medicines Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to market Prevora™ (100 mg/ml) Dental Solution in the United Kingdom for the prevention of cavities in high-risk adults. Prevora is the first in-office treatment indicated specifically for adult caries prevention in the United Kingdom.

Prevora is a topical coating of high-strength chlorhexidine applied to the teeth of the patient by the dental professional in a short, painless appointment. Prevora uniquely releases chlorhexidine on the tooth over a long period, to inhibit the bacteria causing cavities.

Tooth decay is amongst the top 3 chronic diseases in older adults. In the U.K., the recent Adult Dental Health Survey (2009) reported that about 1 in 3 adults had at least one visible cavity. A recent study conducted in four family dental practices in North England found that a two of three patients age 40+ were at risk of cavities at the gum line, the most common and aggressive form of this disease in an aging population. Cavities at the gum line are considered a major risk factor for coronary heart disease and are difficult to manage with fillings.

Ross Perry and
CHX Technologies