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Prosecco Is The Rage In Britain, But Dentists Issue Warnings About It

September 5, 2017
by Forbes

According to the Italian agricultural lobby group, Colderetti, the British drank 40 million liters of Prosecco in 2016, and spent 366 million euros ($434 million) on it, representing a 33 per cent market growth that year. That’s good for Prosecco and the Italians who peoduce and export it. Is it good for the British?

In November 2016 The Guardian reported that Britain’s avid “Brexit” promoter and Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Boris Johnson told Italy if it wanted to continue to sell Prosecco to the U.K. it had to drop all its trade tariffs on British imports.  Nine months later, in August 2017, The Guardian’s Zoe Williams posted a story about the negative effects of Prosecco on British teeth, with a follow up Barbara Ellen op-ed in September. According to Ms. Williams, the rise of Prosecco in the British market could be traced to food British writer Nigella Lawson’s 2008 reference to the wine in the sixth paragraph, when she talked about its effect on her mood—she dubbed it “prozacco.”

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