ROI Corporation Makes Big Changes for Landmark Year

ROI announces new services and staff

ROI Corporation is celebrating its 40th anniversary with big changes. ROI has added Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute certified real estate appraisals to their list of services and a new Broker of Record has joined the team.

Ryan Baldeo, ROI Corporation’s Financial Analyst, will begin to offer property appraisals utilizing the Quality Point (QP) method under the guidance of George Canning, AACI, P.App.

Nicky Saini will be stepping into the role of Broker of Record for ROI Corporation.

“Many dentists who own a practice today also own the building they practice in,” said Timothy A. Brown, President and CEO, ROI Corporation, “we want to make life as easy as we can for our clients. Offering building appraisals seemed like the clear next step for us. We want ROI Corporation to be a one-stop shop for practice appraisals.”

About ROI Corporation

ROI Corporation was founded in 1974 by Roy Brown in Mississauga, Ontario. His youngest son, Timothy A. Brown, has been President and CEO of the company since 1994. ROI Corporation is a national practice appraisal and sales leader. ROI has been helping professionals with their practice appraisal, brokerage and consulting needs for 40 years. In 2011 and 2013 respectively, ROI Corporation expanded its services to the veterinary and optometry sectors. Its headquarters is located in Mississauga, Ontario, just down the street from its original location.

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