Runnymede Healthcare Centre Promotes Nurse Participation in Oral Hygiene

As part of the Nursing Week activities, on Tuesday May 7, Runnymede Healthcare Centre staff and volunteers were treated to a presentation on the role of nurses in oral hygiene by Dr. Natalie Archer, DDS.

Dr. Archer and her staff run Runnymede Dental Centre, an independently operated dental centre housed within Runnymede that provides care to patients, staff, volunteers and the community at large.

The mouth is the gateway to the body. When bacteria build up on teeth, it causes the gums to become susceptible to infection, making regular brushing a priority. Runnymede patients may experience difficulty drinking and swallowing, making oral care a challenge. Dr. Archer addressed this specifically and highlighted a number of alternative methods nurses can use to ensure patients still brush twice a day. She also demonstrated how to use specialty toothbrushes, and the proper removal and insertion of dentures.

Educating nurses on dental health best practices ensures patient safety and the ongoing delivery of quality patient care.