“Silent Airway Connection” Conference to Focus on Multidisciplinary Approach for Diagnosing and Treating Pediatric and Adult Breathing and Sleep Disorders

Airway Obstruction, Breathing and Sleep Disorders Linked to Physiological and Cognitive Development, Cardiovascular Disease and Other Critical Health Concerns 

The American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry (AAPMD) is leading the charge for an integrated medical approach to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep and breathing disorders, which research indicates contribute to a range of serious physiological, cognitive, behavioral and performance conditions in children and adults.  AAPMD will bring together leading medical, dental and research experts at its 2014 conference “The Silent Airway Connection,” April 25-27 in Chicago at the Westin North Shore.

“There is growing awareness of the role of sleep in health, disease and performance,” explained Howard Hindin, D.D.S., co-founder of AAPMD  “Upper airway obstruction and resulting sleep disordered breathing can be a factor in heart disease, hypertension, stroke and diabetes in adults, as well as childhood development, learning and behavior. The goal of AAPMD is to further the understanding of the condition and health problems related to sleep disordered breathing so that individuals can get proper diagnosis and treatment.  This is especially important for children, who will benefit most.”

“There can be serious health concerns for individuals with sleep disordered breathing and airway obstruction may be the root cause,” explained Dr. Michael Gelb, co-founder of the AAPMD.  “An integrated approach that combines dental and medical examination, diagnosis and treatment is producing positive results in patients of all ages.”

“The Silent Airway Connection” conference is open to physicians, dentists and other health care practitioners and educators.  For additional information and to register for the “The Silent Airway Connection” go to www.aapmd.org.

The American Academy of Physiological Medicine & Dentistry (AAPMD) is a multidisciplinary organization comprised of health care professionals and consumers, who are dedicated to providing fuller, integrated care for children and adults. AAPMD focuses on issues relating to sleep disorders and airway obstruction, craniofacial pain, child growth and development, chronic inflammation and workplace, sports and academic performance.  The goal of AAPMD and its members is to share information and work together for the wellness of individuals, families and society. A

dditional information is available at: www.aapmd.org.