Sirona’s World Cup fever: Interactive map of the world shows the diversity of Sirona’s team

For millions the wait is finally over: The World Cup in Brazil has officially started, bringing fans from various nations and with various interests together to form an international community. Even the employees of the international dental manufacturer have become a global team – the Group-wide photo campaign and interactive map of the world have the employees talking on social networks.

The soccer kicking off in Brazil is about more than just sport. The World Cup is an expression of international unity as well as a competition between national teams. This is also the case at Sirona.  The global market and technology leader in the dental industry has more than 3,200 employees at 28 locations around the world and uses a number of measures to foster both team spirit and close cooperation between staff. The company is using the World Cup to carry out an international photo campaign that encourages colleagues from the various locations to get to know each other better and to make contact using the company’s social networks. In addition to the photos of Sirona’s teams in their national team jerseys, the employees also receive information about the locations in the countries participating in the World Cup. The team photos and location information can be viewed on an interactive Google Maps’ map of the world which can be accessed via Sirona’s blog and Facebook page.

“When you work in an international company, it is often the case that there are colleagues whose names you can’t put a face to. We want to take advantage of the general enthusiasm for the World Cup and use it to encourage employees to visit our social networks and find out about other colleagues and locations, as well as share experiences with each other. In this way, the employees at each location will become part of a global Sirona team,” says Andreas Blauig, Social Media Manager at Sirona.

Various cultures with one common vision
From Brazil and the USA to Germany and Croatia to Australia and Japan – the global cooperation between Sirona’s locations and countries is an important growth and development factor. After all, Sirona benefits from the specific market and product knowledge brought to each location by the highly-qualified employees. Sirona’s employees share the common vision of advancing dentistry together and offering high-quality and innovative products for dental practices, clinics and laboratories. They pursue this vision with enthusiasm and a sense of team spirit.

To ensure that this cooperation runs smoothly, Sirona has a diverse and unprejudiced working culture. “It is highly important for our company to have a mutual intercultural understanding and appreciation of employees across all divisions and locations. This is the only way to enable colleagues to work ‘hand-in-hand’ to achieve first-class results over often large distances.. The World Cup in particular shows how, despite their different cultures, our employees come together as a team committed to the development of innovative products and the success of the company,” states Michael Elling, Vice President Corporate Human Resources of the Sirona Group.

You can access Sirona’s World Cup teams’ page here: