Statistics Show Dental Anxiety and Bad Teeth Seriously Impacts Careers

Landing a career can be tough enough today. But a high percentage of job-searching millennials are doing their best to keep their mouths closed while being interviewed—a bad thing to do while trying to form a highly positive impression on a prospective employer.1 A recent study by the research arm of the American Dental Association revealed dental anxiety of a considerable magnitude. 33 percent of young adults aged 18 to 34 are reluctant to smile due to decaying teeth and gum problems, and 28 percent claim the appearance of their teeth and mouth undermines their ability to interview for a job. CDA brings an effective solution to these issues.

It’s not just an American worry. Across the pond a new survey conducted for the British Dental Association showed that 77 percent of respondents felt that decayed teeth or bad breath would seriously impact a job seeker’s chances of securing employment in any sort of public or client-facing roles.62 percent felt that job applicants with visibly decayed or missing teeth would be disadvantaged at securing any role at all. 6 in 10 believe such issues would endanger the prospects of promotion.

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